Detailed embroidery

We use embroidery to make design elements really outstanding and unique. Find such detailed embroidery on a huge variety of school bags!

“Glow in dark” elements

We added “Glow in dark” prints on various boys’ designs. This special print absorbs light and emits it in dark, thus the glowing effect. If you fancy having such a cool pack, look for “Lumi” in products’ names.

Life-like 3D rubber bagdes

We use mostly life-like 3D badges, making the motives
realistic and exciting. We take care of every small details, such as the
skin pattern of a dinosaur!

Exciting details in application

Application means using different kinds of fabrics embroidered
on the same design. It gives a really interesting effect
when used on some parts on the motive.

Sparkling glitters & rhinestones

Sparkling glitters and rhinestones are absolute all-time favourite
for little girls. It really adds a lot of shine and glamour,
making the bag very trendy and pretty.

Reflective design elements

Reflective elements are must on all school bags ensuring higher visibility
at night. Taking a step further, we incorporated
some reflective fabrics into the design and the
end result is more than satisfying.

Bright, colorful prints

All designs are decorated with one of the many printing techniques
we are using. Find bright and colorful printed details
and patterns on all products.

Beautiful sequins

Some girls’ products are decorated with sequins. There are reversible
sequins which changes their color as you turn them over,
and printed sequins which have a beautiful shiny effect.