Belmil and Wave products have varying terms of guarantee. In the following document
you can find all information regarding the terms and period of guarantee.

Periods of guarantee vary depending on the type of products: 


































































The guarantee rights of the buyer are exercised against the distributor.

•       In case there is no distributor in the country of question, it is exercised against the producer.
•       In  order to claim under the guarantee, proof or purchase must be shown
•       The guarantee covers faulty workmanship, e.g. breaking of stitch 

  The guarantee rights are not valid in the following cases:

•       Lack of invoice - It is necessary in order to prove the date of purchase
•       If claim is reported after the guarantee period (see table) 
•       The guarantee does not cover any damage arising from improper care and misuse (e.g. dragging on road, tearing with sharp object,
exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals or other mechanical damage) or when use is continued after the detection os damage
•       Guarantee does not cover rubber and plastic spare parts (e.g. regualtors, rubber handle, etc.) 
•       Guarantee period of zippers on Wave and Belmil backpacs is 6 months (see table), provided the proper use and care of products
•       Any modification or repair of the product by any third party voids guarantee obligations

Process of guarantee claim:

•       Contact the retailer where you bought the product
•       Return  the product to the place of purchase, and add a short description, so the retailer can prepare a precise report illustraded
with picture of the damage. This report will be sent to the distributor or the producer by the retailer
•       Attach the proof of purchase - it proves that the product falls within the guarantee period
•       We will replace or repair your product as fast as we can. About the details and process of replacement or repair,
you can get information at the place of purchase
•       If you have any more questions about guarantee, please, approach the retailer